The Ethfinex community was the spotlight of our development focus right from the launch of Ethfinex Trustless in September last year. We’ve come a long way from there, but you - the user - remains the main pillar of the development.

It is our pleasure to announce the biggest UX change to Ethfinex Trustless since its foundation – the new, clean and user friendly onboarding.

The redesign of our onboarding is the product of numerous rounds of interviews conducted by Will and Steve throughout the second half of 2018. The first round of interviews was focused on general user experience. It was immediately clear following the interviews that the next major UX development needed to be a revamp of the onboarding section, with the goal of making Ethfinex Trustless more friendly for newcomers and more convenient for current users.

The second round of interviews, led by our chief designer Rikke, was therefore focused on the design and usability of the onboarding itself. When collating  ideas for the redesign , the feedback from Ethfinex community members again proved to be extremely valuable.



A full overview of changes:

  • The onboarding now takes up a smaller segment of the UI, meaning an increased visibility of the platform.
  • The onboarding includes a 3-step process, with a clear navigation, making it increasingly obvious for users to navigate Ethfinex Trustless.
  • Clear connection process with Metamask, Portis, Ledger, Trezor and Keystore.
  • Clear explanation of how to lock tokens and a slider that helps users select the exact amount of tokens in a clear and concise manner.
  • Square buttons on both onboarding and platform itself to ensure consistency throughout design.

In the same update, to further improve the onboarding and trading experience, we have also added support for the Portis wallet. Read the full story behind the Portis integration here.

Along with these two major changes, we have also introduced a significant number of smaller updates, all focused on making the Trustless experience as seamless as possible. Check out the full changelog article here.

For feedback and discussion around Ethfinex Trustless, check out our official Telegram group.