The team behind Trustless has been hard at work recently, introducing some major new changes before the end of 2018.

We are glad to say we made it on time. Check out the summary below for more detailed breakdown of what we have been up to.


The development surrounding User Experience resulted in the release of our new, re-designed onboarding as well as the introduction of the Portis wallet integration. Both of these features have their own dedicated release articles coming soon, so this text is focused on some of the remaining features we are bringing along.

Status bars

We have added more and re-designed the current status bars so that the user will always know what is going on and what the status is when e.g. signing a transaction. We will soon be adding tooltips to each of these to further elaborate on the significance of the specific step that the user is currently going through.

BUY/SELL Buttons

The BUY / SELL buttons were updated so that they reflect the selected pair. This gives the user a better overview over the order creation process. (e.g. when trading ETH/USDT, the buttons now say BUY ETH, SELL ETH instead of just BUY / SELL)

Redesigned warning when placing unfavourable orders

As you know, the DEX order matching mechanism currently executes the order at whatever price you specify, even if there are more favourable orders in the orderbook.

We’ve previously limited the price range in which the user was able to place the order so that the loss was not too severe, but we always knew that was not the ideal solution.

We’ve now removed this mechanism and we allow users to place an order at any price, but with a strong warning and recommendation to adjust the price.

In addition to that

We’ve also fixed some UI related bugs and made the Trustless portal even quicker than ever before by polishing the backend infrastructure.

The balance overview also got better, properly accounting for tokens locked in orders. Clicking on the 24h volume indicator now takes you to Etherscan to see the Trustless smart contract.

Thank you for staying in touch!

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We are looking forward to making Trustless even better in 2019 and we wish you a Happy New Year!