As you probably know from our most recent changelog article, we’ve just introduced an integration with Portis. Their amazing wallet solution makes trading on Trustless easier than ever.

The moment we discovered Portis and their goal of making the crypto space as beginner friendly as possible, we knew it was a must-have integration for Trustless. Their product aligns incredibly well with our vision of building the most user friendly decentralised exchange in the world.

Portis allows you to set up a fresh wallet in no time, which you can then access from anywhere, without additional installations. It allows you to buy crypto with fiat directly from your wallet and it can make your dApp usage easier by eliminating some of the repetitive confirmations. Simply put, it is making your crypto-life much easier. (So you do not end up like that guy in a desert, struggling to buy lemonade with crypto.)

After a couple of meetings between the Ethfinex Trustless and Portis teams to set up mutual expectations, our developers started working on the integration, which went really smoothly thanks to the great support offered by the Portis team led by its CEO and founder, Tom Teman.

Onboarding Trustless using Portis wallet

You are welcome to check out the result of this cooperation on Trustless now. Onboard using Portis and feel the smooth integration! You can find the quick start guide here.

Since the amazing Ethfinex community is deeply engaged in the development and activities around Ethfinex and Ethfinex Trustless, we’ve decided to schedule an AMA session with the Portis team on Reddit. Check it out and ask your questions now!

To catch future updates and improvements of Trustless, make sure you stay tuned on Telegram and Twitter.