The highlight of the March development update is the migration of Ethfinex Trustless to 0x v2. This switch turned out to be a little bit of a challenge due to the unique design of the Trustless hybrid trading engine, which had to be redesigned. Nevertheless, our team of amazing developers managed to pull the task off, bringing Trustless users brand-new possibilities to interact with the portal.

All users can feel the improved performance of Trustless, which is running smoother and more efficiently than ever.

Moreover, advanced traders using e.g. Metamask for their trading will appreciate more insight into messages and transactions they are signing when interacting with the portal, thanks to the 0x v2 formatting.

We’ve also introduced a new and faster on-boarding method. Users can now create a new wallet with a single click and store it in their Browser’s local storage. It is highly recommended to securely back-up this newly created wallet as a keystore file on one’s own device.

Users new to Ethfinex Trustless and decentralised trading overall are going to enjoy a carefully designed, walk-through tutorial which offers a quick tour around the most important and useful features of the Trustless portal. This tool was designed with the sole purpose of reducing set-up time and facilitating the instant transition from on-boarding to trading.

Next steps

We love listening to your feedback. We are going to make sure sharing it is easier than ever. We are also looking into ways of getting our support team closer to you so that they are ready to assist you whenever needed.

Some of the widgets on Trustless are undergoing slight re-design and they will get released in the near future. These changes are aimed at making Trustless the most user-friendly DEX on the market.

Trading is now live on Ethfinex — get started here.

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